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The new branch of Humanity
After the arrival of the Guardian and the creation of Gaia Force, Mankind's path was restored when the alien races that had influenced his evolution became contained. As a result, Gaia was free to pursue her original task and began to further test Man.

Within a few years, a number of unique individuals began to appear among the world's population. These individuals, who had been normal in every way until now, suddenly became imbued with abilities which gave them an advantage over normal Humans.

Although some did use these new abilities to help their fellow man, many began to use them to further their own needs and became a threat to the population.

As Gaia Force had stated many times, it and its subgroups would not get involved in these internal matters. They had their own missions and the fate of Mankind, although important to many, had to take second place to the needs of the planet and especially to those of Gaia. And since, the new beings appearing among the population were Gaia's doing, they were refrained from interfering for the most part. Mankind's new test was for him alone. He would need to learn to adapt, coexist or be replaced by this new specie.

For a time, these new Humans were labelled as Mutants or Next Gen. Humans all over the planet were tested in the hopes of finding the common factor which would help predict who had the potential of this evolutionary jump. But when people who had already been tested and who had shown no signs of having any abnormalities suddenly began to display these abilities, it became clear that it was impossible to predict who would be next.

Since the process of selection was a random one, the new beings were labelled Randomites.

Further studies on Randomite DNA have shown that the evolutionary catalyst is located within the Human junk DNA. Somehow, a biological timebomb ignites the junk DNA and random changes appear in the individual.

It has been theorized that these changes could be as varied as there are number of junk DNA within an individual, making it almost impossible for the same Randomite characteristics to appear within two individuals. For that reason, it is believed that Gaia is testing various new versions of Man in order to eventually replace him.

 Known Randomites 

Mr Fixx
Mea Corpus
The Mole 
Soleil (possibly the first of her kind)

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